“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”
- Muhammad Ali

Open Challenge Arena

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Players often want to play competitive matches against half-way decent opponents with real stakes on the line and that is sometimes difficult to do if you live in an area that doesn’t have competitive local or regional tournaments or if you’re at the mercy of Dueling Network pitting you against a random opponent, and that’s a problem – and the Open Challenge Arena is the solution. Here you’ll be able to challenge competitive players without having to wait for a scheduled tournament to take place. Your matches can be arranged by yourselves and can take place any time of any day, secure in the knowledge that Yu-Gi-Overdose! will act as your safe “middle man.” Here’s how it works – be sure to read the following before playing.

  • We will only host matches for those that donate to www.ygoverdose.com and register their player information below, much like we only host tournaments for those that donate.
  • Both participants must agree on any terms of the match, including a donation amount, which must be sent with an additional $0.50 (as a gift) to [email protected] (via PayPal, using the email address supplied during player registration) prior to the start of the match.
  • The winner of the match will then receive a Dark Magician of Chaos as a “Thank You!” for donating to Yu-Gi-Overdose! But of course, much like we do with our tournaments, we’ll happily buy back any unwanted prize cards at the price of the combined donation amount.
  • If both participants agree on some donation amount other than $10, $20, $50, or $100, then the winner of the match will receive a random common as a “Thank You!” for donating to Yu-Gi-Overdose! instead of a Dark Magician of Chaos; however, the same buy back policy will apply.

To begin a match, discuss the terms of your match privately with whomever you intend to challenge. When you have resolved the details personally, log in with your Facebook account and comment below using the following format. Note that only one post should be used to discuss any given match, and that all posts relevant to that match should be made as replies.

Original Post by Challenger: I challenge Challenged Player to a match. We’ll both be donating Dollar Amount. Include any additional terms. If necessary, supply proof that a donation has been made.*

Reply from Challenged Player: I accept. If necessary, supply proof that a donation has been made.*

Reply from Yu-Gi-Overdose!: If necessary, we can confirm the receipt of PayPal donations.

Reply from Winner: I won and would like to sell my Dark Magician of Chaos back to Yu-Gi-Overdose! URLs of proof.

*If you would rather not wait for independent confirmation that donations from both parties have been received, just post a screen capture of your completed donation (which should be sufficient evidence in most cases) alongside your challenge or acceptance of a challenge.

All payments for prize cards will be sent on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, though exceptions can be made in exceptional circumstances. Google, the Public Chat, and the Dueling Network administrative staff will be available to handle any and all disputes. There is no guarantee of this kind of support from Yu-Gi-Overdose!

Register Player Information
List of Players
Full NameDueling Network UsernameDonation Limit
Thomas Yu Sazabi $50
Thomas Vo tttvvvooo $20
Brad Pironciak OneGiantLeap $20
Richard Contreras rc16 $50
Enoch Sanz rekced pot $20
Robert Jordan macrorob $50
Andrew Bergen andrewbergenm13 $20
Chancy Wigglestove squiddy $100
Victor Solorzano ! igotadigbick $10
Lu Pham Phamous $20
Christopher Welch Welchy $20
Dalton Bousman daltonbousman $20
Jordan Williams JayFromVA $20
Brandon Wigley BrandonWigley! $100
Tyler Tabman ' TylerTabman $20
Elijah Gersten swagged out 2 da max $20
Jeffrey M. Pircher Dougie Master $20
Rodrigo Togores Rodrigo Togores $20
Craig David Stern castway93 $50
Derek Myers steve1998vwgolf $10
Joshua Graham Impactcg $100
Michael Morello bigbearBoy99 $20
Russell Miner rminer $20
keoahmtzos keoahmtzos $10
obdvzolxwte zwlktikxkeys.com/ $50
vhrtuxz itrwqgpwnche.com/ $50
Ponliovj conwayandwhitman.com/raspberry-ketones-products/raspberry-ketones-hypoglycemia/raspberry-ketones-optislim/raspberry-ketones-mood/raspberry-ketone-next-day-delivery/raspberry-ketone-flush-dr-oz $50
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Waylon Mackinlay WaylonMackinlay $50